Cristiano Ronaldo beats Lionel Messi(AGAIN FIRE CRISTINA RONALDO)


FIFA World Cup 2018 will be fueled by the world’s best players, and Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them. He is the cover star of FIFA 2018 and Real Madrid’s top scorer as well Fifa world cup.

MOSCOW — Cristiano Ronaldo scored a sensational hat-trick to snatch Portugal a dramatic point against Spain and proved he is the most balanced character of this entire World Cup. That’s right, he has a chip on both shoulders.

Ronaldo has as many detractors as admirers, is worshiped just as fervently as he is reviled, and, in his first game of the tournament, scored one goal with his left foot, another with his right and a third with a magnificent free kick to tie the match at 3-3 in Sochi.

Well, have to wait and see!!

Portugal is closing in on booking a spot into the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup in Russia after hanging on to beat Morocco, 1-0, on Wednesday to move to four points in Group B. After drawing Spain in the opener, the Portuguese national team received another goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, this time to secure all three points. It wasn’t the greatest showing from the Portuguese

Cristiano Ronaldo beats Lionel Messi

However, FIFA experts aren’t shedding any special attention on Portugal despite the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. It indeed seems strange for the fans, but experts have their own point of view. They think these European champions, Portugal, has a very tough group (Germany, United States, and Ghana). Just one upset can be troublesome for them.

This is just the visible tip of an iceberg.

There are lots of other factors that demand proper attention. For example, their team is relatively short on quality, except Cristiano Ronaldo. Without him, it would be utterly tough for them to qualify for the next round or even claim the second spot in their group.

Recent interviews show that Ronaldo also perceives the situation. For that reason, his focus is on just making it out of the group stage.

It appears that he knows the chances of winning this world cup are quite slim. In his recent interview, he told, ‘We are not favorites; we have to be honest, but everything is possible in football.’ And, he is rather right. Indeed, it is a good thing for his team if they aren’t seeing themselves as favorites; they are free from the pressure and can play their natural game.

Is it that easy to ignore Portugal in this FIFA World Cup 2018?

Well, no. It is not.

As a true fan, I can say, it is a great psychological tactic to remain calm against tough components. Ronaldo played the same strategy in the European Championship and inspired his country to glory with unbounded enthusiasm.

Cristiano Ronaldo beats Lionel Messi

Ronaldo doesn’t like to leave the championships, particularly World Cup, in the group stages. He has a tough mindset. He always wants to show something to his fans, even if he is dealing with some kind of injury. Even in this world cup, it would be correct to say that he is not 100% fit. However, his enthusiasm speaks a million things.

We agree, the World Cup record is not ‘that’ great, but his Real Madrid exploits give the hope to his fans that his luck is waiting for the right time.

He can emerge as a superstar in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Besides, other Portugal players also need to punch powerfully, if they want to lift the trophy. They can’t rely on the top-notch skills of Cristiano, over and over again. Though his presence would be more than enough for the entire team and give them courage, without a good teamwork, he will be in trouble as well.

If he plays according to his skills, and the God floods him with good-luck as well, he can be a difference maker in knockout matches. Portugal will have a chance of beating anyone.


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