2018 World Cup Prediction!!! Who Might Be The Champion?

Prediction!!! Who might be the champion

2018 World Cup Prediction!!! Who might be the champion in Russia world cup 2018? A question of thousand dollars. A lot of debates, a lot of controversies, a lot of confusion, a lot of dreams is not confined to the 32 nations only.

Rather the controversies and dreams are for each and every football fans. Those are dedicatedly looking for the commencement of the glorious tournament. In fact, all ages people are wholeheartedly waiting for the Russia world cup 2018. 

Now, you might be tensed about the group champion or runners-up. I mean, who might face whom in the knockout stage. We will provide a clear idea through this.

Group A:

It consists of host Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. Surely, Uruguay is the hot favorite from the group. It is because of their current form and traditional trademark. The two times champion might be the 1st in the Group A.

2018 World Cup Prediction

Besides, Russia might be 2nd in the group. As the host, they will have the support of the full crowd. They might not have a vast record in the world cup history. Even after that, their crowd will be the most strong weapon.

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Group B:

Group B consists of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Iran. To be honest, any football lovers will provide the certificates about Spain. And it is true, Spain is hot favorite in group B. But Portugal will fight to their best.

2018 World Cup Prediction

Spain will be considered as the group champion for their recent forms. As they beat Argentina by 6-1 in recent times. On the other, Portugal might be 2nd in the group.

Group C:

Group C consists of France, Australia, Denmark, Peru. Surely, France is going to be the group champion. It will be if there is no miracle. France is strong it is because they have a strong lineup. And they deserve to win the title too.

Moreover, any team can qualify as the runners-up of the group. But on the basis of current form, Australia are in advance a bit more than that of others. Others might be left out.

Group D: 

Group D consists of Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland. Clearly, Argentina is the favorite. But Nigeria and Croatia will fight hard. It will be tough for Argentina to be the group champion. Currently, Croatia is in good form. Nigeria will fight hard.

Even after that, as Argentina has a good team formation. On the other hand, they have a fantastic history in this glorious tournament. For this reason, Argentina is being kept in the 1st position and Croatia in 2nd.

Group E:

Group E consists of Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia. In fact, Brazil is hot favorite in the group. The last time quarter-finalists Costa Rica will render a tough time to Brazil. Even after that Costa Rica might not be the favorite to be the 2nd in position.

It is because, Switzerland, the European are more advance in context of the current form. On the other hand, Switzerland has the star player like Zadran Xakiri. The player who can change the game at any moment.

Finally, it can be assumed that Brazil will secure the 1st position. And Switzerland will be 2nd in position.

Group F:

The group is consists of Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea. The defending champion is clearly going to be the group champion. It is no matter to question about. To be honest, the favorite is the hot favorite in the race of title-winning.

It is for sure mighty Germany will 1st in position. Besides, Mexico might be 2nd. Sweden is favorite too. As Sweden has knocked out the 4 times champion Italy. It is true, Sweden is in good form. But, Mexico is in advance for the previous experience in the world cup.

 Group G:

England, Belgium, Panama, Tunisia are in group G. Both Belgium and England has a strong team to qualify. But it is tough to identify the 1st and 2nd position. It is for sure, this 2 teams will qualify for the next round.

Panama, the newcomers in World cup will be joyous to attend the world cup only. In fact, Tunisia will not provide that much of fight. So, one-time champion England might be 1st in position and Belgium in 2nd.

Group H:

The group is consists of Poland, Senegal, Japan, Colombia. In fact, this is the only group from where any team can qualify. All the teams from the different continent are almost equal in context of their weapons.

Even after that, Poland and Colombia will be in advance to qualify for the next round. Poland might be 1st in position and Colombia in 2nd. Again, it is to inform you that, anyone may qualify from this group. This is our assumption only.

The 2nd round starts:

1st round of 16:

The team Portugal and Uruguay will face one another in the 1st round of 16

Surely, it is harder than the group stage to select one team. Even after that Portugal can be selected as the favorite. It is because in Portugal there is one Cristiano Ronaldo who can change the game within a moment.

On the other hand, Uruguay is having the player like Luis Suarez. But, it is true, he is nothing special like Cristiano Ronaldo. For this reason, Portugal might win it. In fact, this is going to be one of the tough matches in the round of 16.

2nd round of 16:

Spain and Russia will face in the 2nd round of 16 matches. It will be sad for the host to say goodbye from the tournament. But this is the fact. Even after that, the host will fight hard.

In fact, Spain is the hot favorite to lift the title. And it is for sure that Spain will not be out of the tournament in 2nd round only. Surely, it will be a great match for the spectators.

3rd round of 16:

France and Croatia will face one another in the 3rd round of 16. Surely, France is the clear favorite in the match. Croatia will fight hard. In fact, France is the favorite in lifting the title race.

The 4th match-round of 16:

Argentina vs Australia might face in the 4th quarterfinal. It is true Argentina are favorite. But Australia will provide a tough time. But Argentina will qualify finally for the next round.

The 5 times champion Brazil will face Mexico in the quarterfinal round. It will be bad luck for Mexico to say goodbye. If no accident occurs, Brazil will qualify for the quarter-final.

The defending champion Germany will face Switzerland. It needs not to say that Germany is favorite. An accident may happen in the matches. But any analyst or the football fans will give Germany as favorite.

And the % might be 70-30. Anyway, Germany might qualify if no accident happens.

One time champion England might face Colombia in the round of 16. It might be tough to predict this match. England might be a bit more favorable than Colombia. But it is for sure that Colombia will provide tough time.

In the last match of the 2nd round, Poland might face Belgium. Any team might win. In a word, it will be an open-handed race. Probably, the most exciting match in the 2nd round.


1st quarterfinal:

Hot favorite France may face the horse of Europe Portugal. The European champion has beaten France in the grand final. But, it is the world cup, Here the atmosphere is different. In a word, France is strongly favorite in this match.

2nd quarterfinal:

Spain might face Argentina in the 2nd quarterfinal. It will be one of the toughest jobs to select one. Argentina, current form is not much good.

Spain boosted up well with their current form. For this, Spain might qualify for next round. It might be heartburning news for the Argentine fans.

3rd quarterfinal:

Brazil might face England in the 3rd quarterfinal of Russia world cup. It is clear that Brazil is favorite. But as a team England are in advance. On the other hand, England is lacking behind of the team combination. According to the analyst, Brazil might be favorite as the previous experience said so.

4th quarterfinal:

The last quarterfinal might be between the two powerhouses Germany vs Belgium. Any team might win despite Germany is the defending champion. It is for sure, Germany is favorite enough. But, Belgium will provide a tough time.


1st semi-final would be held between France and Brazil. It is tough, to predict in advance. Because it is the semi-final of the world cup. It is quite hard to found the best team. To be honest, it totally depends on the performance in the tournament.

semi final

Besides, a bit of luck is required to have for both the team. But, as a team, France will be favorite. They have the destructive lineup. Surely, France will not win so easily. Brazil will provide a tough time.

2nd semi-final:

The 2nd semi-final will be between Spain vs Germany. It will be between powerhouse vs passing football. Who is favorite actually? Can you people guess? Maybe the answer will be no.Yes, we don’t have the answer too.

But, you need to keep it remember that we are predicting only. You know, for the prediction best possible teams are taken. It is tough to select the team. But according to us, Germany will be the favorite to win the 2nd semi-final.

The grand final can be a thrilling one. It is for sure, a great match it will be. The defending champion, Germany might be favorite. But, France will give trouble indeed. It is true that the champion team will get a bit more luck.

Not sure, but predictably it could be concluded with the champion France. Yes, it is true, thousands of queries will arise. But, as I said earlier it not sure but predictably.


The prediction what we provided it is uncertain. In fact, it is being made fully on imagination. The prediction is made of on the basis of teams current performance.


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