2018 Football World Cup Question and Answer to Breaking Event

2018 football world cup question and answer to breaking event

2018 football world cup question and answer to breaking event

It is amazing news for the football lovers that one of the favorite events of them is knocking the door. Many of them are predicting among them who is going to win the cup. It’s a question of millions of dollar.2018 football world cup question answer

Though many of them are predicting the winner only Except that there are many subject to predict about. On the other hand, football lovers may lack some of the information. Who was the top scorer? Which team qualified first to have the Russia tickets? Which team joins after a long interval of time? Which player is going to win golden boot and golden ball? Who might be the key player on a particular team? Who will win the football World Cup in 2018?2018 world cup question and answer

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Likewise, there are many questions to predict about. Someone may have controversy in between them. Nothing else we just want to join you and make your argument an interesting one. Hopefully, this discussion and argument will provide you a clear idea about those fantastic topics.2018 football world cup question and answer is stated as follows.

2018 football world cup question answer

Question and Answering:

Question: Who is hosting the football world cup 2018?

Answer: It may be not a tough question at all. By this time it is confirmed that Russia is going to host the world cup 2018. The country exists on the continent of Europe. This is the first time for Russia and 9th European to host the world cup. Till the world cup of 2018 continent of Europe arranged the world cup for the 11th time. Hopefully, Russia is going to arrange a successful tournament.2018 football world cup question answer

Question: Which stadiums are prepared by the host for world cup 2018?

Answer: In total 12 stadiums has been prepared for Russia world cup 2018. A list is given below which are that stadium:

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Name City Capacity
Luzhniki Moscow 81 006
Zenit Arena Petersburg 68 134
Fisht Olympic Stadium Sochi 47 659
Volgograd Arena Volgograd 45 568
Stadion Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod 45331
Rostov Arena Rostov-on-Don 45 145
Kazan Arena Kazan 45 105
Samara Arena Samara 44 807
Mordovia Arena Saransk 44 442
Otkritie Arena Moscow 44 000
Tsentralnyj Stadion Yekaterinburg 35 696
Stadion Kaliningrad Kaliningrad 35212


Question: How often the countries play the world cup,2018 football world cup question answer?

Answer: Most participants in world cup are stated as follows:

Team Participated Missed
Brazil 20 No missed at all
Germany 18 1930, 1950
Italy 18 1930, 1958, 2018
Argentina 16 1938, 1950, 1954, 1970

Question: Which team won the world cup most?

Answer: Till now only 8 teams could able to take the world cup. Name of those teams are stated as follows:

Brazil 5 times
Italy 4 times
Germany 4 times
Argentina 2 times
Uruguay 2 times
Spain, France, England 1 time


2018 football world cup question answer

Question: Who might be the semi-finalist?

Answer: It is common that each and every supporter will prefer their team to whom they support. It is because they are well known for the weakness and strength of their supporting team.2018 football world cup question answer

Not emotionally, but practically if you think then it can be found out top 4 teams easily. Those teams are 1) France 2) Germany 3) Brazil 4) Argentina.

France: The team has strong line up almost in all of the departments. Where not? They have goalkeeper Hugo Lorris who is renowned in EPL from the team of Tottenham Hotspur.

They have center back Umtiti, Varane, Koscielny, who representing Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal respectively.

They have the strong midfielder like Paul Pogba (Manchester United). They have the striker like Giroud, Griezmann, Payet. Kylian Mbappe, Ousman Dembele. After all, they have a balance to win the world cup.

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Germany: Germany is always a strong contender or favorite in any football world cup because of their vast history in past. Once Oliver Khan (former player of Germany) said: “A Germany team should not be afraid going to a tournament, History says that we can raise the level of our game when it matters.”

 And matters to be noted they have best goalkeeper li, Manuel Neuer. Besides they have a defender like Hummels, Boetang.2018 football world cup question answer

On the hand, they have world class midfielder like Ozil, Kross, Khedira, Reus, Draxler. Germany has the Forward line up Muller, Gotze. In fact, A deserving team to win the world cup.2018 football world cup question answer

Brazil: Highest world cup contender is always being favorites from the past. Most importantly, they have world class player like Neymar Jr. Not only Neymar but Coutinho and Jesus can play an important role in the context of scoring. They have two strong RB and LB Dani Alves and Marcello. They have the player like Casimiro and Willian. Surely one of the favorite side to win the world cup.

Argentina: Two-time world cup contender has a goalkeeper like Romero, Who was the hero in last world cup. Moreover, they have Defender like Otamendi regular performer of man city. Marcos Rojo, Marcedo.

Not strong enough in midfield like other sides. The sky blue has the Icardi, Aguero, Dybala in a forward line up. Most importantly, the sky blue has the world best footballer Lionel Messi. In fact, A deserving team to be the Semi-finalist.

Question: Who might win Golden Boot?

Answer: Generally, a Golden boot is given the individual who scores more goals. On the basis of goal scoring ability name of some players are given who can win the golden boot. 1) Neymar Jr(Brazil) 2) Thomas Muller(Germany) 3) Lionel  Messi(Argentina) 4) Antoine Griezmann(France) 5) Morata(Spain).

Those names are selected as per their goal ratio in their respective club. Currently, Neymar is one of the best goal scorers for PSG and ranked in the top position in France league. Goal ratio for the national team in the last couple of years was more. He is leading from the front in Brazil team.2018 football world cup question answer.

Lionel Messi is one of the highest goal scorers in the Spanish league. And he is the highest goal scorer for Barcelona in all competition. Goal ratio of last few years is fantastic. Though he hasn’t too much goal in the qualifying round even after that we all can remember the last match of qualifying round.2018 football world cup question answer

Thomas Muller, a goal machine for Germany we all have seen the performance of last 2 world cup. He Scored 5 goals in both in 2010 and 2014 world cup. Surely he is going to be a term card for Germany.

Antoine Griezmann was the highest goal scorer in last European championship in 2016. And a regular scorer for his club Atletico Madrid.

Morata a new sensation of Spain and a Regular scorer for his club English giant Chelsea. He is fantastic in context of head ability.

Question: Who might be the winner of a golden ball in football world cup of 2018?

Answer: The Basically golden ball is given to the best player of the tournament. Who have an impact towards his team by assisting the goal, Beside key passes are counted. The players who can be the golden ball winner for world cup 2018.

  • Lionel Messi(Argentina)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo(Portugal)
  • Neymar Jr(Brazil)
  • Mesut Ozil(Germany)

Lionel Messi has a great impact on his team. He has the ability to be the playmaker and the striker too. Surely he can play an important role in his team.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great asset for Portugal. Without his kindles’ effort, it is tough to do good in Russia World cup for Portugal. Though they will be counted as the underdog it has to remember they are the champion European championship.

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Neymar Jr a name fear for the opponent. Surely Brazil will be looking to Neymar and the game will be planned by centering him. Neymar has to play an important role to do better in Russia by Brazil team. He should lead from the front.

Mesut Ozil one of the term card of Germany. Though they have lots of good player in Germany even after that Mesut Ozil will keep the impact to do better by Germany.

Question: Which team can be counted as the underdog?

Answer: The teams which can be counted as an underdog are Nigeria, Colombia, Sweden, Portugal.2018 football world cup question answer

Portugal: Though they don’t have teams like the Germany, Brazil, and France. But they have the best player o9f the world Cristiano Ronaldo. So Portugal can play a miracle.

Nigeria: They are known as the super eagle. They have a better combination. And they were champion in qualification from the continent of Africa.

Colombia: Colombia has James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao. They can be term card. On the other hand, they have strong defense along with combination.

Sweden: No one special in their team. But they qualify by beating Italy. For this reason, they will have strong confidence in them. That confidence can take them ahead.

Question: Which team qualified first for Russia world cup 2018?

Answer: The names of the team are given below:

Russia Hosts
Iran AFC Third Round Group A winner
Japan AFC Third Round Group B winners
Tunisia CAF Group A winners
Morocco CAF Group C winners
Senegal CAF Group D winners
Egypt CAF Group E winners
Mexico CONCACAF Fifth Round first place
Brazil CONMEBOL first place
France UEFA Group A winners
Portugal UEFA Group B winners
Germany UEFA Group C winners
Serbia UEFA Group D winners
Poland UEFA Group E winners
England UEFA Group F winners
Spain UEFA Group G winners
Belgium UEFA Group H winners
Iceland UEFA Group I winners


Question: Which team Qualified through the Play-off?

Answer: The name of the team is stated as follows which team came to Russia through play-off:

Australia AFC fifth place vs CONCACAF fourth place play-off winners
Peru CONMEBOL fifth place vs OFC first place play-off winners
Switzerland UEFA second-place play-off winners
Croatia UEFA second-place play-off winners


UEFA second-place play-off winners


UEFA second-place play-off winners



Question: Who were the top scorers in qualifying round?

Answer: Top 4 goal scorer from Europe in qualifying round for Russia world cup:

Players name Country Mat Goals
Robert Lewandowski Poland 10 16
Marcus Berg Sweden 11 16
Christian Eriksen Denmark 12 16
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 9 15

From Latin:

Players name Country Mat Goals
Edinson Cavani Uruguay 15 10
Gabriel Jesus Brazil 10 7
Lionel Messi Argentina 10 7
Felipe Caicedo Ecuador 13 7


Players name Country Mat Goals
Carlos Ruiz Uruguay 10 27
Jozy Altidore Brazil 15 16
Nelson Bonilla Argentina 6 15
Tevin, Vincent and the Grenadines 13 15

From Asia:

Players name Country Mat Goals
Tim Cahill Australia 15 33
Mohammed Al-Sahlawi Saudi Arabia 14 32
Ahmed Khalil United Arab Emirates 17 32
Omar Kharbin Syria 17 30

From Africa:

Players name Country Mat Goals
Mohamed Salah Egypt 5 15
Khalid Boutaïb Morocco 4 12
Thomas Partey Ghana 4 12
Moussa Maâzou Nigeria 4 12

2018 football world cup question answer

Question: When does the World cup start?

Answer: The matches of world cup will start on Thursday 14th June 2018 18:00 local time (16:00 BST). The match will be held between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The match between them will be held in Luzhniki stadium where the final match will be held also.

Question: When is the world cup final?

Answer: The grand final will be held on Sunday 15 July 2018 at 18:00 in Moscow (16:00 BST). Luzhniki stadium will host the grand finals. The semifinal will be held on 10 and 11 July.

Question: What is the world cup match ball?

Answer: The official ball for Russia world cup is Adidas Telstar 18. With a classic design, the ball for Russia world cup was unveiled on November 9, 2017, by the Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi.

Question: How can we buy tickets for Russia world cup?

Answer: The ticket was released by FIFA on Thursday, September 14. We can buy the tickets from FIFA.com/tickets. FIFA explained Fans can buy the ticket for a package of multiple packages rather buying the individual ticket.

Question: How much does the ticket cost?

Answer: The price of the tickets is being divided into four categories. And the price of the tickets is being converted into a pound. A list of ticket prices are given below:

Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat3 Cat4
Opening match £432 £306 £173 £43
Group matches £165 £130 £83 £17
Round of 16 £193 £145 £90 £30
Quarter-finals £287 £200 £138 £51
Semi-finals £589 £377 £224 £60
Third-place play-off £287 £200 £138 £51
Final £864 £558 £358 £94

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