How and Where You Will Get World Cup Tickets 2018?


How and where you will get world cup tickets 2018

The World Cup 2018 in Russia is less than a month to begin. The greatest show on earth will begin from 14th June to 15th July 2018. It is the most watched sports event in the world with more than millions of fans. Total 11 cities and 12 stadiums in Russia are hosting the World Cup 2018 Tournament.

The most common question is how and where you will get world cup tickets 2018 now. There are many crazy football fans who attend the stadium wherever the location is. You will wonder total 1,698,049 tickets have been allocated by the end of sales phase 2 from FIFA’s official website since September 2017.

In this article, we will discuss the world cup tickets 2018, the process of FIFA world cup 2018 tickets distribution and other things. You will also get information about how and where you will get world cup tickets 2018. Let’s jump into the main topic.

2018 FIFA world cup tickets Distribution System:

Ticket design of the first match revealed of Russia World Cup 2018

The official FIFA confirmed they will distribute the tickets in three different phases. This is done to ensure the clarity and transparency of allocation of the tickets.

Sales Phase 1:

Sales Phase 1
14 September-12 October 201716-28 November 2017
Service: Random Selection DrawService: First Come First Served


The first FIFA world cup 2018 tickets sales phase started from 14 September 2017. Sale phase 1 was divided into two different sales periods. This is to ensure the clarity and transparency of the allocation of tickets to the fans.

On the first periods, the tickets are given based on a draw basis.  And then a random selection held. On the second sales periods, the fans got the ticket according to the first come first take service. Fans were able to purchase tickets from sales phase 1 depending on the date and venue of a Match.

This happened in sales phases 1 because it was not yet determined then where the specific teams are playing the given match.

Sales Phase 2:

Sales Phase 2
5 December 2017 – 31 January 201813 March- 3 April 2018
Service: Random Selection DrawService: First Come First Served


The process of Sales Phase 2 was almost same of the Sales Phase 1. But in this phase Fans got information about where the teams will play the matches. Again a Random Selection Draws run in first periods. And the remaining tickets are given to the first come first take service basis.

The sales phase 2 of world cup tickets 2018 started on 5 December with random selection draw. That ended on 31 January 2018. The second periods of first come first service run from 13 March- 3 April 2018.

The last-minute Sales Phase:

The last-minute Sales Phase
18 April- 15 July 2018Service: First Come First Served


 Both the Sales phase 1 and 2 started earlier which you may have missed already. All you can do is collect the tickets from the last minute sales phase of 2018 FIFA world cup tickets. The remaining tickets will be available from 18 April and it will continue until the final match day.

All the tickets will be available on the official website of FIFA. From May 1, 2018, the tickets are available too in the FIFA authorized ticket centers. If you have decided to watch the favorite team’s game on the stadium, then you should hurry. Because total 164,136 tickets have been allocated within 24 hours of the last-minute sales phase.

Buy World Cup Tickets 2018:

Check out the Official website of FIFA at Then you have to register an account with your personal details. After then click on the option Apply for tickets. You can also look for the tickets on the FIFA authorized venue ticketing centers.

2018 FIFA world cup tickets Category:

World Cup Tickets 2018

 4 Different types of tickets are available of the Russia World Cup 2018. You know them well before buying tickets. They are,

Tickets NameTickets Type
Category 1Highest priced and located in prime areas of the stadium.
Categories 2The remaining are of Category 1
Categories 2The remaining area of Category 1,2
Category 4Mostly reserved for Citizens of Russia and most affordable in price.


You will find the seats of Individual Match Tickets and Venue Specific Ticket Series from category 1 to category 4. Team Specific Ticket Series, Supporter Tickets, and Conditional Supporter Tickets will be available in Categories 1 to 3.

Special Access Tickets:

FIFA has made special kind of FIFA world cup 2018 tickets for the disabled and limited mobility fans. These tickets will give them access to the reserved seat in category 1 to 3 type seats. You can check the availability of these tickets on the FIFA website.


After getting your desired tickets, you will need a FAN ID with it. The authority will issue you this FAN ID as the official identity document. Whenever you get your confirmation mail of tickets, don’t forget to apply for the FAN ID.

You have to show both valid tickets and this FAN ID with the ticket to enter the stadium. Don’t worry about the FAN ID. It will give you some extra benefits from the host country.


Price of World Cup tickets 2018(US Dollar):

Match Type:Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
Starting Match55039022050
Group Stage
matches (2 to 48)
Round of 16
Matches (49 to 56)
Quarter-finals Matches
(57 to 60)
Semi-finals Matches
(61 to 62)
3rd/4th place match (63)36525517560
Final Match (64)1100710455110


The price of the 2018 FIFA world cup tickets are mentioned above in the U.S. currency (Dollar). This may slightly vary because of the change in Dollar to Russian Ruble exchange rate.

This is all about the Russia World Cup tickets 2018. The price range of the ticket is in perfect balance and allocation system of the ticket is pleasing too. Till now, Russian people have taken most of the tickets as expected. USA, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, China, and England Fans are also in the top list.

Then why you’re wasting your time? Manage a ticket, attend your team’s match and shout out louder than the opposition.


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