South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

South American qualifiers team

South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

South American qualifiers team for FIFA World cup 2018 was tough to select because the maximum team from South America deserves to play in world cups like Chile and Paraguay. Those two teams are out due to quota system of maximum five team regulated by FIFA.South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

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One of the strong Dreams of every nation is to represent his countries in various aspects. Likewise, football-loving countries want them to represent through it. And for that World cup is the most congruous and decent field to represent.

But this is the custom. Everyone has to abide by. Of course, every nation cannot play at a time. Some teams are added on the other hand some teams are deducted than that of the previous world cup. Let us look back which teams are qualified for Russia world cup 2018 from this continent.

South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

Name of the teams are:

  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Peru

BRAZIL: The team got the first position in CONMEBOL world cup qualifying with a point of 41. Besides this team has a strong fame in world cup history. It is surprising that this team did not miss the world cup yet. And they are the highest world cup contender (5 times) 1958,1962,1970,1994, 2002. Beside they became runners-up twice in 1950 and 1998.South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

Brazil is not successful in CONMEBOL area only rather they have good fame throughout the world football. Moreover, the team provides so many legends to the football with the passing of time.

Association: Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF)

Name of the coach: Tite.

Name of the captain: Neymar Jr

Top scorer: Pele (77 goals)

 Why Brazil is favorites in the Russia World cup 2018?

We think this is not the tough question at all why they are favorites. Football lovers know the history very well. Some of the reason why Brazil might win among the South American qualifiers team for FIFA World cup 2018.

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  • They have a strong and establish history in the football world.
  • Their team is good along with dangerous attacking lineup.
  • Currently, they have a sensation like Neymar Jr who will be the threat for the opponent.
  • The team possesses a strong midfield position Who are currently the key player of European team like Paulinho(Barcelona), Casemiro(Real Madrid), Willian(Chelsea), Coutinho(Liverpool).
  • They have World class defender like Dani Alves(Paris Saint Germain), Marcelo(Real Madrid)
  • As World cup is in Europe the players have a favorable condition for them.
  • The team is in a good form currently and they have a fantastic coach. Though he is not high profile like the others he is working good.

URUGUAY: Uruguay ranked 2nd in position among the South American qualifiers team for FIFA world cup 2018 with a point of 31.The 2 times world champion were fantabulous throughout the qualifying round. They are the former champion of 1930 and 1950.

Nickname(s)                  La Celeste (The Sky Blue One)

Association                    Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol (AUF)

Name of the Coach:       Oscar Tabarez.

Name of the Captain:     Diego Godin.

Top Scorer:                    Luis Suarez (49 goals)

Why is Uruguay able to win the World cup 2018?

2018 world cup Uruguay's Edinson

Some of the focusing points are stated as follows why they are favorites in world cup 2018.

  • Recently they are in good touch.
  • They were 2nd in position from the CONMEBOL world cup qualifying.
  • They have a fantastic goalkeeper name Fernando Muslera.
  • They have the star player like Luis Suarez from Barcelona a key player for the team. Beside Edinson Cavani a regular performer of Paris Saint Germain.
  • Uruguay team has a defender like Diego Godin regular performer of Atletico Madrid. Midfielder like Cristian Rodriguez.
  • Having a good team spirit.

ARGENTINA: Argentina secured the 3rd position among the South America qualifying teams for Russia world cup 2018. The two-time world champion has a strong influence on the football world. In fact, they were in a critical position in the CONMEBOL world cup qualifying before the last match against Ecuador. That was a do or die match for Argentina. So many equations standby in that match. That was a must win a game for Argentina.South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

And they did it by the world best footballer Lionel Messi with a fascinating hat-trick. There were four teams in the competition to qualify. Out of 5 teams, 3 teams will be qualified finally. Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, and Argentina were in the competition out of those 5 teams Colombia, Argentina and Peru qualified finally. Peru qualified through for the world cup through the play-off.

Nickname(s)            La Albiceleste (The White and Sky Blue)

Association: Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Captain: Lionel Messi.

Top scorer: Lionel Messi(61 goals).

Why are Argentina favorites for the Russia world cup 2018?

South American qualifiers team

Some of the reasons are stated as follows:

  • The first priority they have a world class attacking line up. They are:
  • Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
  • Gonzalo Higuain (Juventas)
  • Sergio Aguero (Man City)
  • Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)
  • Angel Di Maria (Paris Saint Germain)
  • Paulo Dybala (Juventas)
  • They have a goalkeeper like Sergio Romero.
  • Besides they have the quality defender like Marcos Rojo and Nicholas Otamendi, Marcedo, Javier Mascherano.
  • Argentina having a world-class coach.
  • Their side bencher is better than any other team even.
  • Lastly, Lionel Messi is there who can make a big difference and can be a great threat to any team.South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

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Colombia: Maybe not a hot name for Russia world cup 2018. But can be a surprise package for any other team. They were in 4th position from the CONMEBOL world cup qualifying. This is the 6th time Colombia is joining the football world cup. They were quarterfinalist in last Brazil world cup. This was the highest achievement in the world cup for the Colombian.South American qualifiers team FIFA 2018 world cup

Nickname: Los Cafeteros (The Coffee Growers) La Tricolor.

Association   Federación Colombiana de Fútbol (FCF).

Head coach  Jose Pekerman

Captain          Radamel Falcao.

Top scorer: Radamel Falcao (28 goals).

Why will Colombia threat for other teams?

Key points are given below:

  • Colombia has some potential like James Rodriguez regular performer of Bayern Munchen.
  • Radamel Falcao a fantastic scorer for Colombia will be a threat to the opposition.
  • They have a goalkeeper like David Ospina Regular performer for English giant Arsenal.
  • Currently, they are in good form.
  • They had a better performance in South American qualifying

Peru: Maybe not a big name in the football world but having a good fame in a South American cup. Peru secured the 5th position in a South American cup and they had to play the playoff against New Zealand. This is the 5th time they are joining the world cup. Their highest achievement was the quarterfinalist of 1970.

Nickname:               La Blanquirroja (The White and Red).

Association:             Peruvian Football Federation.

Head coach              Ricardo Gareca.

Captain                    Paolo Guerrero.

Top scorer:               Paolo Guerrero (32 goals).

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