Make your own world cup predictions 2018


Make your own world cup predictions would not be an easy task. To be honest, World soccer prediction is not so easy to predict in advance. It is tougher at predicting the 32 world cup teams 2018. Football prediction is not that much easy to predict like the other games and sports.

Make your own world cup predictionsYes, it is true that you can make a list of favorites on the basis of performance. But it is not possible to be FIFA predictor. Because all 32 team came to the world cup, proved themselves in their particular continent in world cup qualification 2018. Surely, we will make a world soccer prediction on the basis of the performance of the team.

Make your own world cup predictions

Before going for the prediction we need to know the condition of the team. What are the weakness and strong side of the team. Moreover we will discuss about the players of all those 32 teams, the teams qualified through world cup qualification 2018 in this global tournament. We think 2018 FIFA world cup predictions and analysis will provide you a clear idea about all 32 teams.

It is true that all will not win the world cup rather only one team will win the title. But it has to remember that all teams will fight till the last. Actually the football lovers are going to have a smell of war and there 32 teams will fight for a title.

Meanwhile, it will not easy to hold the title. Until and unless you have a good team combination, need to match up with the weather of Russia, Good team effort, well plan and implementation of the plan, Self-confidence, a number of good and established player.

Make your own world cup predictions

2018 FIFA world cup predictions and analysis might not be 100% right what we will predict about the different teams. But it is true that it will provide an idea at least. We people will Make your own world cup predictions only for you people. We are there to make your enjoyment more interesting providing the 2018 FIFA world cup predictions and analysis. Surely, our content will create a hive among the general mass. And that will enhance your interest. Thus you will enjoy with full breathe.

A broad Make your own world cup predictions are stated as follows. And there all 32 teams will be discussed chronologically.

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France: Currently, France is the runners-up of Europe. Presently, they can be considered as the threat to the other teams. It is because of their team combination, heavyweight players, fantastic strategy, Recent form. The one time champion has a goodwill from the very past. But this time an exceptional team is having into the France squad. For what they are the top favorite in this global tournament according to our Make your own world cup predictions.

 Let us look forward to the France team


Hugo Lloris:  Currently the player of Tottenham Hotspur in EPL. Regular goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspur and a fantastic saver that any team dream to have such a goalkeeper.

Defense lineup:

Samuel Umtiti: Regular player of Barcelona. A new sensation of France and a Dependable center back of Barcelona. One of the fantastic weapon for Barcelona and France boss Didier Deschamps.

Raphael Varane: Regular performer of the Spanish giant Real Madrid. A solid center back for France beside he has the ability to tackle, good speed with the accuracy of the pass.

Laurent Koscielny: Man from Arsenal. Have the ability to attack and defense at a time and a Dependable center back for tackling at the right moment.

Benjamin Mendy and Lucas Digne: Superb left back for the France team. Benjamin Mendy is from Manchester City. Lucas Digne is from Spanish giant Barcelona.

Christophe Jallet: Good Right back. Presently he is rendering the service of the France club Niece.

Midfield line up:

Paul Pogba: A star player of Man UTD. Fantabulous defensive midfielder also can be used as central midfielder. He will be important Weapon for France boss.

Adrien Rabiot: A midfielder plays in Paris saint-Germain. Rabiot is a kind of classy midfield and a Regular performer of PSG.

Blaise Matuidi: Former PSG player is in Juventas. The black man has a good speed along with the accuracy.

Forward line up:

Antoine Griezmann: From Atletico Madrid

Olivier Giroud: Man from Chelsea

Kylian Mbappe: New sensation of world football from PSG

Dimitri Payet: Player from Olympique Marseille

Kingsley Coman: The French man plays in Bayern Munich

Alexandre Lacazette: Man from Arsenal

Anthony Martial: Manchester United

world cup prediction In the above it is the list of the player of France. Now let us look back to their recent performance:

List of their recent performance.

13 June 2017France3–2England
31 August 2017France4–0Netherlands
3 September 2017France0–0Luxembourg
7 October 2017Bulgaria0–0France
10 October 2017France2–1Belarus
10 November 2017France2–0Wales
14 November 2017Germany2–2France

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Lastly, France can be considered as the hot favourite, the team has the greatest possibility to win the world cup title. They have a good number of players. But now their player needs to make the combination in between themselves. Make your own world cup predictions came to this assessment at last about the France team. In fact, there are more other favourites in Russia world cup but France team is mostly favorited according to the football lovers also to the football analyst.


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