FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets !What is the way to get ticket

FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets !What is the usual way to get tickets

Few sports are as popular as soccer. Maybe this is the fast-paced and most exciting event in the world. And it is more exciting when you are in the stadium, getting the fresh air of the grass beside getting the intensity of the crowd. But for entering you need to have the FIFA world cup tickets. Most of the people wish to be the witnessed of such glorious tournament in Live. Now it might be the question of millions of fan What is FIFA World cup ticket prices? It is not a matter to be worried. For you, we will provide the information on World cup ticket prices. FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets!What is the usual way to get tickets?

World cup soccer tickets have been released from FIFA early on. It is to notify that FIFA provided the World cup ticket prices at the cheapest price through an increased rate of 16% than that of Brazil World cup 2014. Moreover, the affordable tickets will be sold at a price of $105 (£80) which is a $15 (£11) increased rate than that of Brazil world cup 2014. The most expensive tickets ‘category one’ will be sold for $1,100 (£841) which was $990 (£650) in Brazil world cup 2014. And the increasing rate is 11%. Surely the host is being provided at a discount rate which price is 1,280 rubles (approx £15) for the matches of group stages.FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

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The FIFA secretary general, Fatma Samoura, said: “We wanted to make sure that we priced tickets fairly to make the events accessible to as many people as possible. We, therefore, conducted thorough market research and have priced the tickets accordingly.” FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

Mainly the spectators are worried maybe how much would it cost to go to the 2018 World Cup? A brief discussion is stated below:

  • It is the World cup ticket prices for visitors who are from outside Russia.

  1. Opening Match: The range of FIFA world cup 2018 Ticketsfor the visitors is $220-$550 (£168-£420).
  2. Group stage match: The spectator from outside Russia has to buy it in the range of $105-$210 (£80-£160).
  3. Round of 16: World cup soccer tickets for the visitors in this round ranges from $115-$245 (£88-£187).
  4. Quarter FinalRussia 2018 world cup tickets in quarterfinal will be ranges from $175-$365 (£134-£279).
  5. Semi-Final: World Cup Ticket Prices for this exciting round ranges from $175-$365 (£134-£279).
  6. Third Place Playoff: Ticket for this round is $175-$365 (£134-£279).
  7. Final: world cup final ticket prices for Russia world cup range from $455-$1,100 (£348-£841).

Now its turn for the ticket price for the host. As we know the host are always being discounted off the price of tickets. Likewise, The Russian is going to have the taste of discount this time.

  1. Opening match: FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets for the opening round of the tournament only for the host will be ranges from 3,200 rubles (£38).
  2. Group stage match: World cup soccer tickets for the host is 1,280 rubles (£15).
  3. Round of 16: The price are being selected for the second round is  2,240 rubles (£27.
  4. Quarter Final: World cup ticket prices for the quarterfinal round is 3,808 rubles (£45).
  5. SemifinalRussia 2018 world cup tickets for the Russian is 4,480 rubles (£53).
  6. Third Place Playoff: World cup tickets for this round is 3,808 rubles (£45).
  7. Finalworld cup final ticket prices are  7,040 rubles (£84).

It can be identified easily that the host is getting the privilege of the cheapest rate for buying the tickets in Russia 2018 world cup tickets. It is to notify that there have been made a category of the tickets. There are 4 categories. Category 1 to 3 is elected by non-Russian residents. On the other hand, category 4 is being selected for Russian residents by the FIFA.FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

And for kind attention, Russian residents does not indicate only who are by born Russian. Rather, Who is legally living in Russia on a permanent or temporary basis. Besides, who is currently working in Russia they will be followed by category 4.

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Russia 2018 world cup tickets will be sold at the last moment too in FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre in Russia. Russian spectator can get the World cup soccer tickets through Russian Roubles(RUB). And the other spectator excepting the Russian citizen can get the Russia 2018 world cup tickets by using of US dollar.FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets

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FIFA should be thanked for the special allocation for the disable and obese people. But to have the tickets for disabling people proof is required to have the eligibility and need to be added to ticket application process as this type of tickets are limited in numbers. And such proof of eligibility form is required at the time of entrance into the stadium.

In the below, a list of FIFA world cup 2018 Tickets is provided on the basis of category 1 to 4.

MatchCat 1Cat 2Cat3Cat4
Opening match£432£306£173£43
Group matches£165£130£83£17
Round of 16£193£145£90£30
Third-place play-off£287£200£138£51

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