5 Favorite Teams Deserve To Win This 2018 World Cup

Deserve Win 2018 World Cup

5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup

The biggest show of the Football, Fifa world cup is knocking at the door. Few months are left to open the main event of Russia world cup 2018 after 4 years. After a long queue, we got 32 selected teams and unfortunately lost giant teams like Chile, Italy, Netherlands etc. This indicates a lot of more dramas and surprises are kept for us in the main tournament.

Already you may have started doing the calculation about who is going to become the glorious and champion of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. In this article, we will discuss the 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup, who is ahead of the race, which teams having chances& possibilities based on the team player and ongoing performance, world cup history. Let’s take a look at who are the best favorites of this competition.Deserve Win 2018 World Cup

Analysis of 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup

(1)Let’s start with defending champion, Germany. Germany is one of the top listed team of 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup. Probably the most consistent team in the Fifa world cup is Germany. Attending 13 semifinals and 8 finals show the ability of Germany potential squared. 

The combinations of experience and youth talents have taken German football to an unstoppable level just because of the mastermind of their boss Joachim Low. All the departments from goal post to forward, they are better and capable of beating any opponent on their day.

(2)Another name comes to the top list of 5 favorites team deserves to win then 2018 world cup, is Brazil. They are one of the favorite’s teams in FIFA world cup tournament. Five-time world champions under coach Tite have become invincible.Deserve Win 2018 World Cup

Though Brazil distracted from the semi-finals of the last World Cup miserably losing to Germany, Brazil potential squared showed their presence confirming the first ever 17 matches unbeaten from the ‘South America’ region.Deserve Win 2018 World Cup, Performances of recent Brazil can give hope to any of its supporters to win their 6th World Cup trophy from 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia event.

(3)The next name of 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup is Spain. Spain may become the silent killer of this 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. A bunch of star player from goalkeeper to Up forward will present Spain team in this Russia world cup 2018. All the departments have a lot of experienced players.

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Moreover, the currently performing young talents will add more fuel to the team performance.  Germany, France, Brazil is good at different units but you can’t keep Spain aside in this world cup 2018.

(4)The France potential squared having Kylian Mbappé-Antoine Griezmann-Rabiot-Dembele can be listed in the 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup easily. They are in their best form.Deserve Win 2018 World CupDeserve Win 2018 World Cup

Their consistency in performances in the group stage qualification and in recent days prove so. 1998 World Cup winner France is a hot favorite team in this Russia world cup 2018.

(5)Here comes the last but not least Argentina. One another of 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup. Although the recent performance of the runner-up of 2014 world cup team is not so good, it is not possible to exclude them from the current list because they have the name of hope “Lionel Messi” in Argentina potential squared.

The injured lion is always terrible. Losing in three major international trophy’s final has made Argentina an injured lion. Messi will give the final chase to the 2018 World Cup. Considering all that Argentina has a lot of potentials and possibly this is the last chance for Lionel Messi to gain something that they have never done before in 28 years.

Deserve Win 2018 World Cup

This is all about the 5 favorite teams deserve to win this 2018 world cup that you can watch. But this is not the end. Because we have seen so many promising performances from different new teams in the qualifying round of Russia world cup 2018.

So we can easily expect lot more incidents and miracles from the further tournament just to grab the crown of the championship as a supporter.Deserve Win 2018 World Cup


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