5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist

5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist

5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist is available in Russia not for the Russian citizen only rather the tourist can enjoy the traditional Russian food and Russian dishes. In fact, Russian snacks and Russian cuisine are popular in Europe. It is a bit tough to select for the visitors to select the popular Russian food.

Actually, there is enormous delicious and popular Russian food. It is for sure that if you people taste only those foods what will be enlisted in the below will do an unforgivable mistake. Because excepting this food there are so many Russian deserts and Russian snacks which is much more delicious.

But, 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist will give you an idea of the food which is more delicious to eat. Besides, 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist does indicate that these foods are incomparable to any other foods. And it is much more delicious than that of other foods.

In the below, a list of 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist is stated. It will guide you to select the 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist.

Beef Stroganoff: 

It is a popular Russian dish which is in number one Russian food among 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist. Beef Stroganoff is made of beef and served sauce with smetana (sour cream). The origin of this food is from an earlier stage of the mid 19th century. It has become popular Russian recipe throughout the world maintaining a slight change than that of the original recipe.

Russian diplomat Alexander Stroganov named this Russian dish as beef stroganoff. But it cannot be sure that how this recipe was invented.

How is beef stroganoff made?

Different types of ingredients are used to make this beef stroganoff. The material which involves in making this popular Russian dish is the floured beef cubes are mixed with sauce which is made of mustard and bouillon. In fact, no onions and no mushroom are mixed with that rather sour cream are used a little bit at the finishing touch.

On the other hand, this recipe can be made with a mixture of onion and tomato sauce and added with the crisp of potato straw at the finishing touch. Basically, this recipe was made in 1909. And this Russian dish is considered as a mostly traditional recipe in Russia.

What are the additional materials taken to consume?

Usually, The Brazilian includes diced beef or strips of beef and mixed it up with tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms and heavy cream. Sometimes, it is made with the materials of chicken, shrimp mixed with tomato sauce instead of beef. As it is made in Russia but the white rice is being added additionally. Finally, it can be an food which can be enlisted as 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist.  

Beef stroganoff is not only popular in Russia but also popular in other countries like Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Japan etc. 

Mimosa salad: 

The food is a kind of festive salad. This kind of salad is made of cheese, eggs, canned fish, onion, mayonnaise. The name of this salad is made on the basis of a spring flower named “mimosa”. This salad is a popular Russian food. This salad got such popularity that many Russian recipe is made on depending on this salad. This Russian dish can be one of the 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist.

5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist

What are the ingredients are added to make Mimosa salad:

Russian snacks are made of with the help of different ingredients.

A list of the materials used to make this Russian recipe are stated as follows:
Canned fish, drained, de-boned, mashed. Common sorts are salmon, pacific saury, mackerel, or trout.
Hard cheese, finely crumbled, sprinkled;
Boiled egg whites, coarsely grated, sprinkled. Sometimes the egg yolks, without the whites, are used. Sometimes entire hard-boiled eggs are used.
Boiled egg yolks, finely crumbled boiled, sprinkled on top;
Onion, finely chopped, sprinkled;

Further ingredients may include this Russian dish. A list of those is also included in the below list.

A delicious recipe to eat on. It can be also one of those which you can taste while visiting Russia and also can be listed as  5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist.


It is a kind of soup famous in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The soup is popular Russian cuisine. And Russian people like it mostly as the traditional Russian food.

How are this Russian snacks made?

Generally, this one of the 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist is made of three categories. These are:

1) Meat

2) Fish

3) Mushrooms

In fact, these 3 items are the main ingredients for making this Russian Food. Besides, there are some other items which we need to mix up along with those main ingredients. Moreover, some of the ingredients which are being mixed up are pickled cucumbers with brine, and often cabbage, salted mushrooms, potatoes, smetana (sour cream), and dull.

5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist

How to make Meat Solyanka?

The ingredients which are needed to be mixed up well are
Beef, ham, sausages, chickens are diluted with cucumbers pickles,  onion, tomatoesonionsolivescapersallspiceparsley, and dull are all cut fine and mixed in a jar. Afterwards, it will be heated in the stove without boiling.

Fish Solyanka?

It is prepared in a similar way as like the meat solyanka. But meat is replaced with fish such as sturgeon, salmon, and freshwater crayfish. Lastly, some lemon juice is added to the soup

Mushroom solyanka?

Cabbage, butter and vinegar are heated well in a pen. On the other hand, tomatoes, onion, cucumber pickles are also being mixed along with the main ingredients Mushroom.

This kind of soup is also found in East Germany. Especially in the city of  Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia, along with the eastern half of Berlin.

This soup can be one of those 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist. Football lovers are going to enjoy Russia world cup 2108 can have a taste of this 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist. Surely, you will miss a big popular food of Russia if you are not going to have the taste of 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist. 


Maybe you are devised for the juicy food. Is the traditional juice are available or not. Kissel, it is a type of juice. Football lover is going to enjoy the Russia world cup 2018 can have the sweet taste of this Kissel.


It is mainly a type of fruit jelly. And also a famous juice in Russia. Mainly the juice is made from the juice of berry and cornstarch, potato starch or arrowroot. sometimes red wine or fresh or dried fruits are added to make this juice.

5 best delicious Russian Foods for tourist

5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist can be served both in the form of hot and cold. Generally, this juice is served with the ice-cream. The most popular flavours in Russia is cranberry, cherry, and redcurrant.

Surely, this is yummy and fantastic types of juice. It would be better to taste the juice once at least. Especially the instruction is for the visitors are going to enjoy the Russia world cup 2018.

Dressed herring: 

Dressed herring is a kind of salad which outer layer is covered with various ingredients. This Russian recipe is consist of diced pickled herring covered with layers of grated boiled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beetroots), chopped onions, and mayonnaise.

The outer layer of this salad is dressed by the help of boiled beetroot and also mayonnaise. Besides, both parts of the eggs(White and yolk) part are used to make the outer decoration of Dressed herring.

To be honest, it is one of the popular dishes of Russia. And in the celebration of the Christmas and the new year, these dishes are famous Russian dishes for the people of Russia. So this dishes is one of the fantastic food and can be taken as one of the 5 best delicious Russian foods for tourist. The message is especially for the football lover who is visiting Russia to enjoy the Russia world cup 2018.  


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