2018 FIFA World Cup Use Pakistan Football


FIFA World cup use Pakistan football is an amazing news for the Pakistan nations. It is because The 198th ranked according to FIFA ranking team is not in the world cup. But even after that as their local manufacturers make the ball of Russia world cup 2018.And this is for sure that the name of the country will be uttered by the world football.


Basically, football lovers remain busy with their supporting teams and they cheer too. And is sure that The name of the country will rejoice too as the 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. 

Moreover, it is more gleeful to the 200 million of people of Pakistan nation for the cause of 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. Pakistan famous football will be used in Russia world cup a charming moment for the spectators of the whole era.

Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Alexey Dedov confirmed earlier in the week that his country was going to use Pakistan-made footballs for the World Cup matches.

Where was the ball made?

The name of the company is Forward sports.

The place is situated on the outskirts of the northeastern side in Sialkot city. The local manufacturers made the deal with global sports brands Adidas in order to provide the ball within the time. Rather the workers are working effortlessly for an extra hour.

Besides, these local manufacturers used to make the ball of German Bundesliga, France Ligue 1 and the Champions League. Moreover, this company was also the official football provider of 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

” Khawaja Masood, the chairman of the company, told Anadolu Agency.”This is an honor for us, that we are going to provide footballs for the world cup once again. We are very excited to meet this challenge.

How is the ball made?

As we all know that, 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. Previously, the ball was made by hand stitched from 1990-2010 in the world cup tournament. But with the change of time from the Brazil world cup in 2014 the ball is made thermo bonded and are not stitched with the hand. Thermo bonded ball has attached the panels by heating. A new technology is provided by the global sports Adidas to Forward sports in 2013.


How many balls will be provided by Forward sports?

It is for sure that,2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. Actually, the company refuses to express the numbers of balls due to some restrictions by Adidas. The chairman of the company Khawaja said his firm produced a total of 700,000 footballs a month.

According to Husnain Cheema, president of the Pakistan Sports Goods Association, the country will export around 10 million footballs across the world this year.

Cheema added that “We earn 1 billion per year in the field of sports, and we earn 350-500 million from football. 

It is fascinating to hear that, a country ranked 198th in the position of FIFA ranking they made 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. And it is more astonishing to hear that Pakistan famous football 350 million-500 million! You can imagine what is the popularity of football and how is the FIFA popular football.

It is a belief of local manufacturers that Pakistan is being praised well for the quality of products. And within a short period of time, they will be crossing China.

Ijaz Khokhar, who heads Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association, told Al Jazeera that,“Huge football production business is being transferred from China to Pakistan because of the quality we are providing to the world,” 


Pakistan is one of the most renowned countries in the world in the manufacture of sports equipment,” Dedov was quoted as saying.

2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football

Dedov added, “We want to enhance our cooperation with Pakistan to other sectors as well,” 

Lastly, hope this world cup is going to be one of the most exciting world cups for the spectators. And by this, we would come to know that 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. As Pakistan was successful in the previous world. Likewise, this time they could provide the principal product of this beautiful game as they are the 2018 FIFA World cup use Pakistan football. 


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