2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures and Wall chart

fifa world cup chart

2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures and Wallchart: Colorful poster

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 Fixtures and Wallchart

It is not so far to catch the scenario of FIFA World Cup 2018 on the Russian fields. At this very moment, naturally, all fanatic football lovers are craving for 2018 FIFA World Cup Wallchart.

For the most prestigious festival of football, 32 nations are ready to kick off the ball. Things can be bit difficult as there are 32 teams and questions may come, where the match will be held or when our team is coming in the field.

We may not go to the stadiums but we can predict our favorite teams’ result looking at our 2018 FIFA World Cup Wallchart sticking on our wall.

As the world cup draw is done and the wall chart is ready for you, you may think now who is going to bow out and who is going to triumph with top-seeded players.

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Take the 2018 FIFA World Cup Wall chart and here is your chance to predict about the upcoming summer of biggest football tournament. Select first and second winner from each group, then mark out the winners from knockout group and finally find out for whom you are going to grin.

If you want to stick your 2018 FIFA World Cup Wall chart on your wall.

 Here are the 2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures that you may check out.

2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures and Wall chart


Group stage

Thursday 14 JuneRussia v Saudi Arabia17:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki
Friday 15 JuneEgypt v Uruguay14:00CETEkaterinburg
 Morocco v Iran17:00CETSt Petersburg
 Portugal v Spain20:00CETSochi
Saturday 16 JuneFrance v Australia12:00CETKazan
 Argentina v Iceland15:00CETMoscow (Spartak)
 Peru v Denmark18:00CETSaransk
 Croatia v Nigeria21:00CETKaliningrad
Sunday 17 JuneCosta Rica v Serbia14:00CETSamara
 Germany v Mexico17:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)
 Brazil v Switzerland20:00CETRostov
Monday 18 JuneSweden v South Korea14:00CETNizhny Novograd
Belgium v Panama17:00CETSochi
Tunisia v England20:00CETVolgograd


Tuesday 19 JunePoland v Senegal14:00CETMoscow (Spartak)
 Colombia v Japan17:00CETSaransk
 Russia v Egypt20:00CETSt Petersburg
Wednesday 20 JunePortugal v Morocco14:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)
 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia17:00CETRostov
 Iran v Spain20:00CETKazan
Thursday 21 JuneFrance v Peru14:00CETEkaterinburg
 Denmark v Australia17:00CETSamara
 Argentina v Croatia20:00CETNizhny Novograd
Friday 22 JuneBrazil v Costa Rica14:00CETSt Petersburg
Nigeria v Iceland17:00CETVolgograd
Serbia v Switzerland20:00CETKaliningrad
Saturday 23 JuneBelgium v Tunisia14:00CETMoscow (Spartak)
Germany v Sweden17:00CETSochi
South Korea v Mexico20:00CETRostov


Sunday 24 JuneEngland v Panama14:00CETNizhny Novograd
 Japan v Senegal17:00CETEkaterinburg
 Poland v Colombia20:00CETKazan
Monday 25 JuneUruguay v Russia16:00CETSamara
 Saudi Arabia v Egypt16:00CETVolgograd
 Iran v Portugal20:00CETSaransk
 Spain v Morocco20:00CETKaliningrad
Tuesday 26 JuneDenmark v France16:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)
 Australia v Peru16:00CETSochi
 Nigeria v Argentina20:00CETSt Petersburg
 Croatia v Iceland20:00CETRostov
Wednesday 27 JuneSouth Korea v Germany16:00CETKazan
 Mexico v Sweden16:00CETEkaterinburg
 Serbia v Brazil20:00CETMoscow (Spartak)
 Switzerland v Costa Rica20:00CETNizhny Novograd
Thursday 28 JuneJapan v Poland16:00CETVolgograd
 Senegal v Colombia16:00CETSamara
 England v Belgium20:00CETKaliningrad
 Panama v Tunisia20:00CETSaransk

 Round of 16

Saturday 30 JuneWinner C v Runner-up D16:00CETKazan
 Winner A v Runner-up B20:00CETSochi
Sunday 1 JulyWinner B v Runner-up A16:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)
 Winner D v Runner-up C20:00CETNizhny Novograd
Monday 2 JulyWinner E v Runner-up F16:00CETSamara
 Winner G v Runner-up H20:00CETRostov
Tuesday 3 JulyWinner F v Runner-up E16:00CETSt Petersburg
 Winner H v Runner-up G20:00CETMoscow (Spartak)


Friday 6 JulyQF1 – Winner 2 v Winner 116:00CETNizhny Novograd
 QF2 – Winner 5 v Winner 620:00CETKazan
Saturday 7 JulyQF3 – Winner 7 v Winner 816:00CETSamara
 QF4 – Winner 3 v Winner 420:00CETSochi


Tuesday 10 JulySF1 – Winner QF1 v Winner QF220:00CETSt Petersburg
Wednesday 11 JulySF2 – Winner QF4 v Winner QF320:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)

Third place play-off:

Saturday 14 JulyLoser SF1 v Loser SF216:00CETSt Petersburg


Sunday 15 JulyWinner SF1 v Winner SF217:00CETMoscow (Luzhniki)


For predicting the triumphant of the biggest football festival, there is no alternative to FIFA World Cup Wallchart/ fixtures. We can predict whatever we want, no matter whether it is correct or wrong. It is a recreation to predict of the biggest recreational spectacle.


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